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The Audacious Project’s social entrepreneurs have risen to meet the immense challenges of this year, pressing forward with breakthrough solutions to problems that existed long before the pandemic, and that will go on to define the course of our future.

Together we have broken new ground this year, investing in eight new incredible projects and staging a remarkable mobilization of $147 million in funding during two COVID-19 Rapid Response rounds. With 29 projects in the portfolio, and nearly $2 billion dollars catalyzed in just four cycles, our collaborative funding model has reached new heights at precisely the time it’s most needed.

Reflecting on what we and the Audacious projects can — and indeed must — achieve in the years ahead, the themes of resilience and adaptation rise to the top.  We hope that this report inspires those within and beyond our community to continue to work together in navigating the uncharted waters ahead.

The Audacious Team

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Our year in numbers

Total funding catalyzed since launch


Committed in the 2020 Cycle to 8 new projects


Mobilized in the COVID-19 Rapid Response cycle for 6 new projects


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