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The END Fund’s Deworming Innovation Fund (DIF) aims to end parasitic worm infections that have stymied human health for centuries by supporting and amplifying national deworming programs in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Zimbabwe and Kenya, where parasitic worms currently affect more than 40 million children. The program is leveraging drug donations, advancing hygiene education, supporting new methods of delivering treatment to those most in need, and developing tools to better target and measure deworming programs. 

Main photo caption: A community health worker distributes deworming medication during a mass drug administration at a school in Ethiopia. / The END Fund, Mo Scarpelli
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The End Fund



In its first year, 28.7 million children received treatment for parasitic worm infections through the DIF, despite unprecedented COVID-19-related public health challenges in its four countries of operation. 

The END Fund also worked with the Ministries of Health in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda and Zimbabwe to secure buy-in for customized multi year country plans to achieve DIF’s objective to control and eliminate parasitic intestinal worms and schistosomiasis. 

A study completed this year confirmed that eliminating morbidity and mortality resulting from schistosomiasis and soil-transmitted helminthiasis in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda and Zimbabwe by 2030 could boost these countries’ GDP by $5.1 billion in purchasing power parity (PPP) terms by 2040. This analysis is an important asset in securing sustained government funding for DIF strategies. 

“The Deworming Innovation Fund (DIF) has the unprecedented goal of eliminating the burden of parasitic worm infections in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, and Zimbabwe. DIF is adapting to COVID-19 challenges by using new, targeted ways to deliver treatment safely to those most vulnerable; launching innovative partnerships, and better collaborating with other sectors -- like education, water and sanitation, and nutrition – to make sure no one gets left behind. Our vision is ambitious! But I’m more optimistic and inspired than ever that the people, partnerships and innovative tools are in place to truly see an end of these diseases.”

Ellen Agler, The END Fund